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I am a huge social media user. I am trying to make a post of all my social media outlets. I should probably just make a page and update it whenever I make changes, but that’ll come later. For now, here we go.

@JasonGeldmacher - Me
@CelebWatchJason - My Celebrity Love
@PoliticalJason - My Politics
@NurseJasonG - My Adventure Into Nursing
@WCBandPA - My Community Band
@GoldMCreations - My Fun Test Twitter
@jasong_work - My work
@JGeldmacherVi - When I Did ViSalus
@AeroIndependent - Winter Guard

My Websites - My website/blog - My Celebrity website/blog - My Political website/blog - My Nursing website/blog - My Community Band - My Fun Test Site - Winter Guard

Jason Geldmacher

Jason Geldmacher – GoodReads

Jason Geldmacher – LinkedIn

MySpace (lol)
GoldMCreations – MySpace
GoldMCreationsTest – MySpace

so many emails
so many forums

I’ll try to make a page and actually put them all out there. lol

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I don’t think I can take Seroquel XR much longer

I’m in the midst of a revelation. I just don’t think I can take Seroquel XR any more.

I was having a conversation with my partner, just having a stream of consciousness, and it hit me. Seroquel XR is taking away all of my ability to feel any happiness. I’ve removed names and a few things to not hurt people.

My_Partner: xoxxo
It_is_Me: :)
My_Partner: i have that dinner tonight.
It_is_Me: yup I have therapy then gym
My_Partner: cool
It_is_Me: i’m going through another tired bout this week, and constipated and concerned about this twitch under my eye, lol

: I feel like poop I just want to sleep and eat
My_Partner: :-(
It_is_Me: I didn’t feel this way until I started back on the Seroquel … not sure the benefits of Seroquel are worth the side effects that I’m having
My_Partner: yea
It_is_Me: have you noticed any improvement in me from the meds
My_Partner: not really
It_is_Me: i just feel like a walking zombie that wants to eat everything … specifically sweets … unnatural, unstoppable craving for sweets and i’m not alone on this either … a lot of people have this same feeling … been reading a lot of blogs, even joined a help group online last week and … i’ve gained XXX weight back … i’m back up to XXX
My_Partner: zoikes
It_is_Me: all i do is sleep and want to snack
My_Partner: have you been snacknig?
It_is_Me: not like i used to … but yeah yesterday, we didn’t eat breakfast at home … i did nothing but eat all the wrong things, and all day
My_Partner: sorry to hear
It_is_Me: it’s ok … i knew what i was doing the whole time i did it … i just couldn’t stop myself and it wasn’t an emotional thing it was to stay awake and when i got home from work, and stopped eating, i fell asleep on the sofa the only time i wasn’t eating was the 60 minutes i was working out, and the time i was at home dozing off on the sofa
My_Partner: i figured..when you didn’t eat dinner
It_is_Me: i haven’t had anything bad today because i packed healthy snacks and ate breakfast at home
My_Partner: awesome
It_is_Me: but i snack all day and because i didn’t pack any sugar, i am dragging and feel like i can fall asleep any moment and caffeine from coffee and soda doesn’t do anything … it’s sugar that wakes me up a few others complain about the same thing not sure if it’s real or in the head, or what it is, but odd that we all have the same thing i don’t feel … happy … even though i know i should be having happy feelings … like this morning i feel like all my highs and happiness have been zapped i should have had fun this past weekend … and instead i just wanted to be alone and sleep
My_Partner: yeah.
It_is_Me: :-/
My_Partner: wish i could help
It_is_Me: I gave it another shot … i just don’t think it’s working well for me. I guess I need to call him and talk to him, or stop it, or i don’t know.
My_Partner: im sure your doc can give you some advice
It_is_Me: i hate calling him, i hate confrontation, i hate dealing with this … i don’t like facing the fact that i’m so fucked up it sucks
My_Partner: :-( XXX says the identical thing dont like to ask for help and dont know what to do
It_is_Me: i know what to do it just sucks, it hurts to admit that i’m so fucked up that i’m so sick that i’m XX XXX
My_Partner: :-( gotta massive headache. just finished. gonna take a 20min nap good luck with therapy
It_is_Me: thanks xo
My_Partner: love you
It_is_Me: love you too

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I have read on several other blogs and articles that people started getting cravings for sweets. I don’t normally have cravings for sweets. I figured these other people may just be having exaggerated cravings they already have. I even thought they may be using the meds as an excuse to eat and indulge in whatever they want. I think I am wrong.

I have a craving for sweets. No. Correct that. I seem to almost not be able to function without them. Since starting back on the Seroquel XR, I will begin to doze off. I get very sleepy. I read someone else saying that the only thing that kept her awake was her craving and eating sweets. I usually crave salty items, but I did notice my craving for sweets was going crazy. As soon as I eat some sweets, I was awake. It wasn’t good enough to just drink coffee. It had to be consumption of calories in sugar. Fruit didn’t give me the awake feeling. Vegetables didn’t either. Diet soda worked a little bit. Candy was ok. Cupcakes were great. Donuts are amazing. This is horrible for someone who is not only dieting and exercising, but who is also on a medication to help me curb my emotional eating problem.

Yikes. What is a guy to do?

To be continued . . .

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Day Two

Today has been a major struggle. I don’t remember my first alarm ringing, or me turning it off. I barely recall hearing the second one that actually got me out of bed. I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth. I only have flashes of time in the shower. I can remember making breakfast, but not making to coffee. I can only remember parts of the morning conversations I had. Luckily I work from home on Thursdays and Fridays. I know I fell asleep at my desk several times. I don’t worry about my work because I always double check everything. I also have factors in place that won’t let me out stuff out there unless I truly fixed what came in to be fixed.

By the time lunch rolled around, I started to feel quasi-normal. I still had trouble with motivation. There are things that needed to get done. I had the time to do them but couldn’t motivate myself to do it. One luxury of working from home is being able to get home stuff done when work isn’t busy. Forget it. When starting back on Seroquel, it’s really hard. Energy is zapped. You live in a daze. It’s a zombification of yourself for a while. Once your body adjusts to the drug, it’ll get better. I’m just at the front end of that period. I just want to give an honest account of what I am experiencing on this journey. I’m having trouble remembering words. I couldn’t remember Swiffer today. I also couldn’t remember my bank password. My eyebrows tingle.

The gym while on Seroquel. I decided to take some creatine before the gym because I was so tired. I wouldn’t have been able to go today if I hadn’t. Even with it I was not at the top of my abilities. I still managed to get in my full workout of weights and 2 miles on the elliptical.

I came straight home, warmed up leftovers, and had a conversation with the partner. I promptly went to bed and was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

That’s enough about day two.

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I used to take Seroquel XR a short time ago and then came off of it for various reasons. With the major stress of some life events, and communication with my psychiatrist, I am going back on it. I had forgotten what it was like when I first started and what it was like to be on it, so I started to look back at some of my old posts and at some posts of others describing their experiences on Seroquel XR. Please keep in mind that this is just individual experiences, and not everyone will experience these, at the same level, or you may experience something completely different. I just suggest you keep communication open with your doctor.

Let’s start at the beginning. Last night was my first dose back on it after having been off of it for quite some time. It hit me hard.

You are going to want to sleep a lot!

If you haven’t taken, or are planning to take start back on Seroquel XR, plan to sleep a lot. 

I’m still able to work and drive, but I rely heavily on coffee, 5-hour energy, and various other sources of energy. I stagger groggily around, sleep more, barely function, eat, and then take meds and go back to sleep. Really.

I do remember that it starts improving somewhat after the 5th day, but slowly. If you decide to take Seroquel XR, I recommend if you can, that you…

  1. Take a lot of rest,
  2. Tell people that you will need to rest,
  3. Hand over all the tasks that you do not HAVE to do.
  4. Don’t expect to be able to drive. If you must, be sure that it’s in your times that you are most awake and alert.

I am not kidding. This is not a joke. The first time around, I remember falling asleep at my desk without warning and without anything being able to stop it. You’ll be that groggy. I don’t mean to scare you, but it’s that powerful of a drug.

Start with a low first dose and increase it slowly

This is especially true if it’s your first time on the drug. Your psychiatrist will know how to best hand this, but talk about starting with 100 mg Seroquel XR per day and slowly increasing in 50 mg steps every 2 days until you reach the desired dose. That way you have some time to get used to the Seroquel XR.

Seroquel increases decision-making capabilities

When I take Seroquel XR, it allows me to make decisions and make things happen. Seroquel XR doesn’t feel like an antidepressant, it feels like my productivity and focusing aide.

Seroquel XR also noticeably makes me less fearful of people – so I’m more likely to handle situations with crowds, one-on-one situations, and other times that introverts like myself have anxiety over.

…but still makes me groggy

Even after becoming adjusted to the Seroquel XR, I still felt groggy. I felt like falling asleep every time I sat down, though it didn’t interfere with the stuff I wanted to get done. I eventually was able to sit down and work without falling asleep at the desk. Today is my first day back on it and I’m not falling asleep. Hopefully because my body had the drug in it before I won’t be hit as hard this second time around.

and causes food cravings

One of the odd side effects of Seroquel is that I have to have food or sugar every one and a half to two hours – if I don’t get the sugar or food, I get irritable, light headed, and groggy enough to pass out.
This is bad for several reasons. I constantly feel the need to feed and to drink. I have coffee, diet soda, tea, and water at my side all the time. As someone who struggles with weight, the food issue is a major concern. I try so hard not to constantly eat, but with these cravings, and the feelings that come along with it, I tend to just try to snack healthy. Low calories and healthy snacks take the place of candy and junk food.

and chapped lips, dry mouth, and dry skin

The other noticeable side effect has been if I don’t drink enough fluids, I get chapped lips and dry hands. Given that I drink so much, you’d think this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it is. I still recommend that you keep moisturizing cream and a tube of lip balm close by because the chapped lips can be painful. I also keep gum handy.

I can’t exercise in the morning

It turns out that I also can’t exercise in the mornings. The grogginess that bothers me in the mornings affects my coordination and can leave me staggering about like a drunk. It’s not a state conducive to exercise. The grogginess effect wears off during the day, so the best time to exercise is the 3-4 hours before I take my medications. This isn’t that great because I often have evenings that I absolutely can’t make it to the gym. As I mentioned earlier, the medications can push weight gain, and I’m naturally an easy gainer, so hitting the gym daily is a must. Some mornings, I just have to go to the gym in that haze and try to push through. Those are the mornings that I just make it to the treadmill or elliptical and barely do the minimum.

In Summary

Seroquel XR is very helpful for me. The pros outweigh the cons, but the first few weeks of transition just are a bear to get through. Last night was my first done back on it, so I’ll try to remember to update you as I go through this first couple of weeks to let you know if there are any differences from the first time I was on it. As I go, I’ll also talk a bit about the other medications I’m on.

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775839_10152493639035227_1548719922_o     Welcome to my website. It is great to have a forum for my thoughts and the freedom to post them for people to read. I am all over the internet. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and several other locations. You just have to look for me. I’ve given you tools in the top right corner of this page to find my main ones easily. Look for those logos up in the corner and check out my other outlets. I am a musician, an IT geek, and a nursing student. This means that I’m a very busy person. It’s not rare for me to go a long time without posting something. Be patient. When the time comes for that post to actually come out, I’ll try my best to make it worth it. I’m an advocate for a few topics that mean the world to me. I’m sure you’ll figure those out quick enough.

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