775839_10152493639035227_1548719922_o     Welcome to my website. It is great to have a forum for my thoughts and the freedom to post them for people to read. I am all over the internet. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and several other locations. You just have to look for me. I’ve given you tools in the top right corner of this page to find my main ones easily. Look for those logos up in the corner and check out my other outlets. I am a musician, an IT geek, and a nursing student. This means that I’m a very busy person. It’s not rare for me to go a long time without posting something. Be patient. When the time comes for that post to actually come out, I’ll try my best to make it worth it. I’m an advocate for a few topics that mean the world to me. I’m sure you’ll figure those out quick enough.

Musician, IT Professional, Nursing Student

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